The Art of Bonsai

This site is devoted to the art of bonsai. Through pictures and written material I hope to spread the appreciation of this art form.

The information contained herein may vary with different growing conditions and with different bonsai practitioners. Please use the information as a starting point for your bonsai adventures.

Above all enjoy your trees and nature's creations.



Available Now In Softcover!

The definitive reference work on Ficus
for bonsai. The book is a softcover, 8 by 10 inch volume, with 144 color pages, containing detailed information for the beginner as well as the advanced hobbyist.


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Introduction To Indoor Bonsai

 This 5.5" by 8.5", 40 page, full color, soft-cover book providing the beginner as well as the experienced bonsai grower all the necessary information on how to really grow bonsai indoors. This book lists the easiest species to grow indoors as well as information on watering, soil, light, pests, and everything you must know to be successful in growing bonsai in your home. Species that are difficult or that require special care to grow indoors are identified.

Order your copy today from the American Bonsai Society bookstore.

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Tobie's book  
A newly published introduction to the art of bonsai by award winning bonsai artist and bonsai teacher Tobie Kleynhans. Tobie lives in South Africa and has written a superb book providing the basics needed for beginner and intermediate bonsai growers to succeed.

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The Dedication of the Bonsai Garden at University of Michigan

White backdrops


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