Table of Contents

Section 1 Introduction
Chapter 1 The Fig Family
Chapter 2
Special Fig Characteristics
Chapter 3
Figs In Nature

Section 2 Figs Indoors
Chapter 4 Figs For Bonsai
Chapter 5 Cultivation And Care Of Figs Indoors
Chapter 6
Problems Growing Figs Indoors

Section 3 Bonsai Aesthetics
Chapter 7 Aerial Roots In Bonsai
Chapter 8 Fig Styles

Section 4 Techniques
Chapter 9 Techniques To Improve Fig Bonsai
Chapter 10 Grafting Figs
Chapter 11 Moving And Shaping The Heavy Branch
Chapter 12 Defoliation
Chapter 13 Propagating Figs

Section 5 Miscellaneous
Chapter 14 Getting Ready To Show
Chapter 15 Age, Size, Value and Time

Section 6 Monographs On Selected Figs
Chapter 16 Ficus Microcarpa - The Chinese Banyan
Chapter 17 Ficus Salicifolia - The Willow Leaf Fig
Chapter 18 Ficus Rubiginosa - The Port Jackson Fig
Chapter 19 Ficus Pumila - The Creeping Fig
Chapter 20 Ficus Benjamina - The Weeping Fig

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