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Welcome to the Ficus Forum. This area is devoted to the use of Ficus and it is open to anyone interested in exchanging information about Ficus and their use as bonsai.

We encourage interested people to join our group and to send articles relating to figs, as well as pictures of fig bonsai and impressive figs in nature.


Submit photos as JPEG images to Keep the image size at about 100 K. We will try to post as many good quality photos as possible. We will not be able to use photos of poor quality. Please include information on the species of ficus; height, age, country of origin and the artist's name. By sending materials to the Ficus Forum you agree to allow it to be used and edited on this site without further permission. Please submit only material that you have written and photos of your own. Do not submit materials removed from other sites, books or materials to which you do not personally have copyright permission. 


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