Ficus Techniques : 4

Improving The Fig's Root System

Dave Bogan wondered why some figs never seem to develop a very good root system and others never enlarge their roots even after some years. Dave states "My soil consists of 50% haydite ( 3/16"- 1/4 "),  40% lava ( 3/16" - 1/4") and 10 % bark.  Bark is always sieved through a 1/8" mesh with all fines discarded. By using larger particles, I am attempting to create more humidity in my soil verses wetness.   I am also an advocate of using shallow but wide pots.  Keeping their natural tendencies in mind, I believe Ficus roots naturally lengthen and search for moisture & nutrients. They seem to have "wandering" root systems - more so than other typical trees or plants.  The wide pots encourage them to "search". Sure, in the beginning the pot is too wide but this will be changed once the tree nears the "finished" state.  Too many people make the mistake of trying to use the perfect pot too early in the development stage. "

Ficus salicifolia with excellent surface and aerial roots, Dave Bogan.


Do you have any techniques to enhance fig roots or comments?

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