Ficus Techniques : 5

Insect Spray For Ficus

From Dave Bogan of Lynville Indiana, "We all know that ficus will respond badly if the wrong insecticides are used. We also know they are like magnets for scale especially during the "off" months. I used to fight the insects and it seemed like once I got rid of one generation I would get a return. A couple years ago, I came upon a new organic pesticide-called "Pyola" - a mixture of canola oil and pyrethrins. The oil is very light and can be used year round - even in full sun with no problems. Well, the oil kills the eggs and the pyrethrins kill the live insects. I continue a year round maintenance program and have not had a pest problem since using the "Pyola". I don't claim to be a strict organic user but hey, if it works well and is safe for all plants, humans and animals, it's better."

Ficus salicifolia, Dave Bogan.


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