Malus - Common Apple

Malus - Common AppleThis apple was collected from a friend's pasture where it had been deer and cattle grazed for over 40 years. Much of the tree was dead but a living strip on its left side provided enough vascular supply to keep the foliage happy.

Many apple trees were collected from the same pasture during the summer and still the survival rate was extremely high. Apples and crab apples are very tough trees and make great bonsai.

The tree is easy to care for but must be sprayed regularly to keep borers, aphids and fungal diseases under control. About 4 years after collection it bloomed and a small apple can be seen on the right side of the tree. After this it bloomed every year.

Repotting is needed every one to two years.

The tree is 22 inches tall and is now in a friend's collection.

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