Diospyros rhodocalyx

This tree, Diospyros rhodocalyx has been under my care since 1990. I believe that it is related to the persimmon and is found in much of Southeast Asia. I have seen this material used as bonsai in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malayasia. It likes extreme heat and lots of water and fertilizer. I doubt that it would be happy growing in a normal home's indoor environment.

Leaf pruning results in much smaller leaves. I have never seen it flower or fruit and have even been told that even in Asia that it rarely does so in containers.

The wood is extremely hard and rot resistant. The outer bark is dark black and is its most attractive feature. Large cut scars on other trees are often stained white with lime sulfur to make the dead wood contrast with the living bark while cuts on this tree are concealed by darkening the cut surfaces with India ink or a black magic marker.

One of the peculiarities of this tree species is its tendency to form multiple sprouts at the branch origins. These of course need to be removed to allow the desired branch to thrive.

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