Fortunella hindsii - Hong Kong Kumquat

Fortunell hindsiiFortunella hindsii or Hong Kong Kumquat is in the citrus family of plants. It tolerates pot culture better than many of the other plants in the citrus family. I purchased this tree as a seedling about 18 years ago from a Florida grower. The species is seen frequently in the Kokufu Ten Japanese picture books and is used in mainly shohin size. It has small spines and blooms once or twice a year with small very fragrant white citrus scented flowers. These flowers are followed by tiny "oranges" which are perhaps one half to three quarter's inch in size, and of excellent scale to the small size of the tree. The plant is extremely easy to propagate from seed, hardwood cuttings, as well as from air layers. It is difficult to propagate from root cuttings.

Allow the plant dry beween waterings as citrus do not like to be wet all the time and use a fairly porous soil mix to allow good air circulation to the roots. Wire the branches while they are green since woody (brown) branches will break before they bend. Fertilize the tree well when it is in active growth.

This tree is 10 inches tall and the trunk diameter is 2 inches.

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