Ficus salicaria - Willow Leaf Fig

This Ficus salicaria (F. salicifolia, nerifolia, neriifolia, Willow Leaf Ficus, etc.) is in the banyan style.

The tree is approximately 40 years of age, and was grown and trained by the famous Ficus grower Jim Smith of Vero Beach Florida. I acquired the tree from Jim in 1999.

The banyan style is one in which the tree has aerial roots or trunks in addition to a "main trunk". The banyan trees are named after East Asian Indian traders who would sit under these large trees to conduct their business. Such natural trees may be seen in tropical climates where the humidity level remains high during certain periods of the year. Aerial roots arise from small bumps on the main trunk or branches. Given persistent high humidity these small bumps elongate, reach to the soil and anchor themselves. Once in the soil the roots thicken rather quickly and form secondary trunks.

This tree is 48" inches long.

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