Master Min-Hsuan Lo, Taiwan
 By Jerry Meislik



In October of 2004 I visited with Master Min-Hsuan Lo of Taiwan. Master Lo is a second generation bonsai teacher and artist following in his father's footsteps. He is very active member of the Internet Bonsai Club, teaches many bonsai classes, has won many bonsai exhibitions and is always willing to share his knowledge and techniques.

Lo has been very active in designing bonsai in a more natural style rather than the older stylized techniques so popular in the past.

Lo tending to his bonsai.


Lo, in the studio, preparing one of his Ficus for the show.

Lo describing the small Premna.


Ficus microcarpa in the Lo garden.

Small Hibiscus tiliaceus.


Chinese Pistachio, winner of the JAL contest in 1999.

At the recent BCI tour in Taiwan, Lo demonstrated his new graft technique, which involves using a stretchy, rice paper grafting tape to secure and cover free grafts. This process saves several steps in the traditional free grafting process. Lo has virtually 100% success with this graft.

Graft sealed in rice paper grafting tape.


Lo wrapping a free graft with tape.

Premna microphylla cascade.


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