Be There for the Dedication of the Bonsai and Penjing Garden
May 19, 2013

 By Jerry Meislik

Exhibit Dedication
Garden almost completed !!


You are cordially invited to the dedication of the new and permanent bonsai and penjing garden at the University of Michigan's Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The festivities and open house to view the trees and the exhibit will be May 19, 2013. Hours will be from 2-4pm. It will be a great time to view the new garden, the bonsai and to see and talk with bonsai friends.

The bonsai collection at Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor has been in existence since 1977 when the nucleus of the bonsai collection was presented by the estate of Dr. Morton Seever's. Dr. Seevers was the former director of the University of Michigan Department of Pharmacology and an ardent bonsai lover. Over the years the collection has added more trees and the collection now includes more than 70 specimens.

In 2005 the collection's visibility was upgraded with a full-time display of three trees available for viewing to visitors in the gardens' conservatory. The collection's trees are periodically rotated through the display so that visitors may enjoy the variety of specimens, from tropical to temperate, as well as the seasonal changes in the bonsai including flowering and fruiting. In addition, exceptional invitational trees from the local bonsai groups and visiting bonsai and penjing artists are exhibited in special showings.

To access the bonsai collections web site click here.

The new garden allows for a display of 15 - 20 bonsai in a serene and contemplative space, with an adjacent studio where professionals and volunteers will work on the collection trees in full view of the public. This will be an exceptional educational opportunity for the public to interact with knowledgeable bonsai personnel and to ask questions about horticulture and bonsai related questions.

A virtual image of the bonsai garden

Overhead projection of the bonsai garden

Another virtual of the display area

The exhibit and studio will be a center for bonsai excellence and teaching with programs on various bonsai related topics and periodic educational and study seminars. These programs will be available to the public as well as to local, regional and national bonsai organizations.

While funds have been raised to finance the garden's construction donations are still needed for the ongoing care of the trees.To support the time-intensive and skilled care required to maintain this exquisite collection click here or contact Gayle Steiner . Various opportunities are now available to have your name or a loved one's name displayed in a position of honor as supporters of the collection and the knowledge and love of bonsai. I thank you for supporting this effort.

For your enjoyment a selection of trees from the collection is shown below.

Yew, deadwood trunk style

Ficus microcarpa, banyan style, hgt. 27"

Japanese Five needle pine

Carissa grandiflora in the cascade style

Ficus microcarpa, informal upright style

Slant style conifer

Juniper with deadwood trunk

Thanks to renowned photographer Carlos Diaz for the beautiful images as noted above.

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