Min-Hsuan Lo Visits Montana
 By Jerry Meislik


In June 2005, bonsai Master Min-Hsuan Lo from Taiwan visited Whitefish, Montana. Master Lo is a second generation bonsai teacher and artist. His trees have won many awards both in Taiwan and internationally, including the prestigious JAL bonsai competition in 1999 with his Chinese pistachio tree.

Chinese Pistachio, 1999 winner of JAL contest, Lo tree and picture.

Master Lo is also a pioneer in Taiwan in promoting more naturalistic styles of bonsai. Examples of his trees are shown below.

Ficus microcarpa in the natural style, Lo tree and picture.

Ficus microcarpa, Lo tree and picture.

Premna microphylla, Lo tree and picture.

Master Lo was kind enough to spend one of his days demonstrating and lecturing to members of the Big Sky Bonsai Society and my bonsai students. He demonstrated refinement techniques on multiple tropical trees. His deep knowledge and love of bonsai captivated the group.

Big Sky Bonsai Society and friends with Min-Hsuan Lo.

Min-Hsuan Lo and JM admiring a 500 year old Western Red cedar.

Visiting a grove of dwarf trees in Glacier National Park in June!

Master Lo improving a Ficus bonsai.

A kumquat being analyzed by Master Lo.

The same tree after a "Taiwan Haircut" .

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