The early steps in bonsai creation

In creating a bonsai from rought stock there are some typical steps in the process.


Two young rooted cuttings of Ficus craterostoma

Two young rooted cuttings of Ficus craterostoma


Cuttings are allowed to grow vigorously without cutting them back or other training


Using plastic ties the two trunks were brought tightly together to let them fuse and thicken up the trunk



Again vigorous growth to help with fusion of the small trunks


Trees shortened and all branches cut to a roughly triangular silhouette for the tree. Lower branches areĀ temporary and kept to thicken the trunk

Low branches have been kep to help thicken the lower trunk.

Once again the tree will be allowed to grow wildly until it is time to select branches to keep and branches to remove and some preliminary wiring to shape.