Some steps in creating a bonsai from raw material

This is a young plant grown from a root cutting of a Ficus natalensis. The root cutting sprouted three branches.

To develop a new apex and create a better transition to the new apex, two of the sprouts were pulled together with electrical ties. A month or two passed and the ties were removed. The lower part of the fusion appears to be nicely grown together but the upper portion is not fused. So several new electrical ties were placed in areas adjacent to the old ties.


Root cutting of Ficus natalensis

Root cutting of Ficus natalensis


Side view shows three sprouts have grown from the root cutting


To develop a thicker transition to the trunk two of the sprouts were tied together with electrical ties


After a month or two the ties appear to have worked


The ties were removed and the upper part of the fusion was not together. Some mild scars from the ties will be present for about 6 months. With growth they will disappear.


Two new ties were placed adjacent to the old ones and growth will be allowed to speed the fusion more completely


Some basic wiring was done to give the young bonsai a bit of shape

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