Splitting a fig into two future bonsai trees

Sometimes splitting a fig into several parts is the way to go with initial styling to maximize the material’s potential.

The pant is a Ficus natalensis grown from a root cutting and perhaps two years old. The only exciting thing about it is the twisting lower trunk which should make a nice tree using that as the focal point for the future bonsai.

An appropriate spot was chosen to split the tree into two sections. This point was selected since it would leave the top section with a good aerial root to keep it alive. This section will live happily on this one root until it is time to give it a styling.


The start


Close up of the top section of the plant


The two sections are now split apart leaving the top part with a good root to carry it


The top section planted using its one root


The bottom section potted and several branches remain to form the future of this bonsai

The final design is not done but this is just the initial blocking out of the future bonsai. Consider breaking up a tree when the parts are more exciting  than the original tree left intact.

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