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Fusing figs

One way to get larger bonsai material is to fuse smaller figs together. Basically tieing together several figs that are genetically identical can produce larger trunks. Growing a tree in a larger container or in the ground will produce faster trunk growth but is often not suitable for indoor growers.

Fusion is a useful technique for rare or unusual materials and for adding in branches, roots etc. to a fig that needs these parts.

Bind the trees together with anything that will distribute the compression forces over a wider area to lessen scarring and use a binding material that does not stretch. Allow rampant growth of the materials to speed the fusion.

Marks left from the electrical ties can be reduced by allowing a year or two of un-restrained growth after the ties are removed.

For another article on this topic see http://www.bonsaihunk.us/FusedFig.html


Ficus natalensis only one year since the start of fusing


Lower trunk with fusion remaining to be accomplished with more growth

Ficus virens 'Thai' with multiple rooted cuttings pulled together with electrical ties

Ficus virens ‘Thai’ with multiple rooted cuttings pulled together with electrical ties


Close up view of the ties and some marks left from earlier ties that were removed


Ficus natalensis (type two) allowed wild growth to speed the fusion process


Close up of the lower trunk showing nicely fusing trees

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