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Moving An Aerial Root

Aerial roots are one of the very useful and impressive features of some fig trees. As with other design elements of a bonsai the aerials must augment the overall design scheme.

In this Ficus virens the aerial root crosses across the trunk and in addition it gives the appearance of a reverse taper to the trunk of this tree. It could be removed or a better option is to move it to the other side of the trunk and use it to improve the taper of the trunk.

The aerial crosses the trunk

The aerial crosses the trunk


Closer view of the crossing aerial


A chisel is used to separate the root from its adherence to the trunk


The aerial is repositioned to the right side of the trunk


Close view showing moss added to the base of the aerial to help promote new hair roots to form

Young root emerging after only two weeks

Young root emerging after only two weeks

The moved aerial is wrapped with sphagnum moss and placed into the soil. Within two weeks a new hair root is already formed.  The repositioned aerial is now a permanent fixture of the design.

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