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Seed grown Ficus microcarpa, Clump style

I collected and sprouted a seed about 13 years ago that resulted in a plant that had low branches which I decided to keep as secondary trunks. The bonsai is what I would call Clump or Sprout style and is not that common in the bonsai world. It may be close to needing a nice container rather than its plastic development pot. Height is about 10 inches.

Ficus microcarpa, seed grown, in the sprout or clump style

Ficus tremula

On a visit to South Africa I saw a very interesting fig, Ficus tremula, shaped as a small bonsai in the bonsai collection of my friend Hennie Nel.

I was unable to find Ficus tremula for sale in the US  so I am resorting to growing them from seed. It will take many years for these now two month old seedlings to mature into a reasonable bonsai. Growing from seed is for the young and those with lots of patience.

20141001-_MG_9177Ficus tremula bonsai grown by Hennie Nel of South Africa


Ficus tremula at two months of age grown from seed

Ficus tremula at two months of age grown from seed

For more information on growing figs from seed see:



The definitive reference work on Ficus
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Ficus infectoria or is it Ficus virens


Multiple trunks fused together from separate seedlings

Ficus infectoria is an invalid name, according to the botanists, and should technically be called Ficus virens. This material shows a coarser grower than some of my other virens. It seems to be quite happy in container culture with no special needs.

This bonsai is actually 3 or 4 root fused trees that were grown from seed. The seedlings were never separated to their own containers so that over time the root and bases fused to form one tree.


Defoliated once or twice yearly to improve branching, produce smaller leaves and to allow visualization of the branches

As the trees grew they naturally fused to each other so that now this is one root connected tree.